Town Court


Town of Kirkwood Court
70 Crescent Drive
Kirkwood, NY 13795
Phone: 607-775-2653
Fax: 607-775-4589


Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Town Justice Michael J. Mucci, II


Court is held in person. 

Please contact the Court to schedule all appearances. 


The Town Court plays a vital role in the protection of our safety and our rights as residents of the Town of Kirkwood.  Every town has a Court, which handles civil and criminal matters.

Any criminal act, which occurs in this town, is initially under the jurisdiction of our Town Court.  After the arrest occurs, the individual must appear for an arraignment.  The arraignment is the time when a plea of guilty or not guilty is entered to the charge, and if necessary, bail is set.  Arraignment times for misdemeanors both Criminal and Vehicle and Traffic charges are the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Bail is an amount of money, which a person has to pay to insure a defendant’s appearance in court, pending disposition of the criminal matter.

The court will also hear matters concerning landlords and tenants such as eviction proceedings, rent due or abandonment of the property.  Any violations of the Kirkwood Town Code, such as zoning, the noise ordinance, property maintenance, etc. will also be heard in the court.

Our Town Court also handles Small Claims Court actions.  Only an individual may bring an action in Small Claims Court up to a monetary limit of $3,000 against any person or corporation who owes money if that person or corporations lives, has an office for the transactions of business, or works within the town.

Visit for DYI form and directions regarding civil matters.


On-Line Payments at  or 1-800-701-8560

Court Hours

Town Court Schedule



Criminal Court –
Misdemeanor Charges

1st Wednesday of the Month

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

3rd Wednesday of the Month

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Vehicle Traffic Violations

Returnable by Mail


Small Claims*


3:30 PM

Summary Proceedings


3:30 PM

*Small claims court is also available by request

What if I am summoned to be a Juror?

If you receive a summons to be a juror you should contact the Broome County Commissioner of Jurors (607-778-2159), or Town of Kirkwood Court (607-775-2653) for further information.

What if I am summoned to be a Witness?

If you receive a summons to be a witness you should contact the Broome County District Attorney’s Office (607-778-2198 or 607-778-2423) for further information.

Wedding Appointments

Town Justices can perform Weddings by appointment, please call the court ahead of time.


How do I answer my ticket?

You may have received a hand written ticket or a computer-generated ticket. It is the obligation of the receiving motorist to respond to the ticket. If the charge(s) are NOT MISDEMEANORS you may sign the back of the hand written ticket or the right side of the computer generated ticket to indicate your plea of either guilty or not guilty. You then mail/fax/email it to the court at the address/fax number/email address listed above.  Include your email address.

Note: Be sure to review all information printed on your ticket(s). To plead guilty, complete and sign Part A of your ticket, to plead not guilty, complete and sign Part B of your ticket.  Include your email address.

Upon a plea of guilty, the judge will impose a sentence which could consist of a fine. Also imposed would be the NY State mandated surcharge. You will be notified by mail of the amount due and the process to make the payment.  You may set up a payment plan with the court.  

Upon a plea of not guilty, you will be directed to the District Attorney's website for a plea bargain/reduction and be given an in person date for a court appearance to speak to the ADA.   

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, you must appear in person.  Or if you are being charged with a third or subsequent speed in an 18 month period, you must appear in court, as directed.

I missed my court appearance what do I do?

You should contact the court or your attorney immediately. Depending on the matter at hand, non-appearances could normally result in one or more of the following: Arrest Warrant, Bench Warrant, bail forfeiture and/or the suspension of your driver’s license/privileges.

What is a supporting deposition?

A supporting deposition is a detailed account from the officer regarding the issued ticket. If you were handed an electronically issued ticket, the officer may have handed you the supporting deposition along with the ticket. Some officers hand the ticket and supporting deposition to the driver as one long piece of paper, some separate them.

I’d like to speak with someone regarding a reduction or plea bargain.

If you are charged with a traffic violation and before any plea bargains are accepted, you must first enter a plea of not guilty.  You may mail or drop the signed ticket(s) to the court office. Once a plea of not guilty has been entered with the court, you would receive further information with regard to plea bargaining.  You will be given a date by the Court to speak to our ADA or you may enroll in the program offered by the DA's Office.

Why can’t I send payment in with my ticket?

Because the judge will assess the penalty once a plea of guilty has been entered. Once assessed a Notice of Fine will be mailed to you stating the amount due and the process to make the payment.

How do I pay my fine?

Payments are accepted during the hours listed on this website.

You may pay in person with cash or money order or with a debit/credit card.

You can also pay online at OR call 1-800-701-8560

A fee will be added to your credit card payment.

A payment plan may be established with the Court.

NOTE: Neither the municipality nor the Court receives any portion of any fees.

The following are NOT accepted:

Personal or business checks, or payments over the phone with a court clerk. You may call 1-800-701-8560 for any phone credit card payments.

Do I need an attorney?

Although you are not required to have an attorney you have a right to have representation at every step of the proceedings. It is not recommended that you proceed to trial without the aid of counsel but you certainly have the right to do so.

Can I get a Public Defender?

You must call to make an appointment immediately. You will have to financially qualify for representation. Call the Broome County Public Defender’s Office at 607-778-2403 for further questions or to make an appointment for a qualifying interview. You are required to notify the court of your scheduled appointment.

How do I contact the District Attorney?

Broome County District Attorney’s Office
PO BX 1766, 45 Hawley St., 4th Floor
Binghamton, NY 13902-1766


Who do I contact about points on my license?

Contact NYS DMV at your local office or go to If you are an out of state driver, contact your home licensing state.

For clarity, go to NYS Driver Violation Point System.

 Why is my license suspended?

Contact the Court for information on how to handle your ticket/suspension. 

What is the driver assessment fee?

That notice came from NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and is separate from any fines or surcharges paid to the court. The fee is called Driver’s Responsibility Act (DRA). Go to for any questions pertaining to that fee.

What is the NYS Department of Motor Vehicle phone number?

1-518-486-9786 (NY license)

1-518-473-5595 (out of state license)

Who do I talk to about the status of my license?

To find out any information regarding your license status or the effect of a conviction, contact or visit your licensing state Department of Motor Vehicles.

I was the victim of a crime. Who can I talk to?

You can contact:

SOS Shelter Advocacy Office at 1201 Man St. in Endicott, NY (across from U-E High School) 607-748-5174. The 24 hour Crisis Line is 607-754-4340. This hotline is for information and referrals to their shelter and /or other services and support.

Crime Victims Assistance Center Advocate Program at 45 Hawley St., Binghamton, NY 607-778-2423 ask for the Crime Victim Advocate. The 24 hour Crisis Line is 607-722-4256. This hotline is for information and referrals for victims of domestic violence as well as accompaniment to hospitals and law enforcement agencies.